Bug fixes: 

1. Increase battery life. 

2. Resolve potential issue on some keypad usage scenario which may causes keypad stop responding. 

3. Fix some problems related to Bluetooth LE connectivity. 

4. Fix a problem that Reagle App may fail to sync with the lock after some operations.


Bug fixes: 

1. Add gateway support. 

2. Sometimes after many suspend/restore/access right opeartions, it is difficult to establish Bluetooth LE connection to synchronize with the lock. 

3. Fix a potential bug that gateway adding 5-digit or 7-digit code might fail. 

4. Fix some problems related to Bluetooth LE connectivity.


Changes and Bug fixes: 

1. To notify low battery in a daily basis once battery level drops below 5%. 

2. Sometimes the lock stops responding after resetting to factory default. 

3. Client lists may corrupt after adding many code clients. 

4. Support gateway usage even if system time of admin's cell phone does not sync to Internet time and the difference is more than 3 minutes.