A location event should be triggered if the app finds that the phone moves into the border you set. Please help to confirm the following items.
  1. Make sure the location service on your phone is enabled. Normally in Settings -> Location -> Use Location
  2. Make sure the location permission is enabled. Normally in Settings -> Location -> App permission -> Reagle -> Allow all the time
  3. Enable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth so that the location service can work more accurately.
  4. Open the Reagle App -> Settings -> Lock Setting -> Auto-Unlock. Make sure that your “Lock Location” marked as a red dot is shown correctly on the map. If the location of the lock is not correct, you can move the red dot by long pressing the correct location on the map.
  5. In most Android phones, the OS will restrict the App background performance to "optimize" battery life, which may affect the auto-unlock feature since the Reagle app back ground service needs to be alive to trigger the auto-unlocking attempt. To fix this, go to Settings > Apps > Reagle > Battery > Optimize Battery Usage. Whitelist Reagle to "Don't optimize". Note that the option (sometimes it is called "Autostart") is shown differently on different Android phones. Please find the related settings on your phone to avoid the system restricting the Reagle features.