Please check the LED indicator on your Gateway:

  • Blink 1x(RED): Factory Default 

  • Blink 1x(GREEN): Normal

  • Blink 3x(RED): Lock-Gateway Error

Check the lock status, and check the wireless connection between the Gateway and the lock; the distance may be too far or there are some objects in-between.

  • Blink 2x(RED): AP-Gateway Error

Check if the Wi-Fi access point (AP) is near the Gateway and works normally; check if the SSID/Password is set correctly in the app.

  • Blink 1x(RED)+1x(GREEN):  Internet Error 

Check the internet connection of your AP. 

An error doesn’t always mean that your Gateway is malfunctioning. Check your lock, network connection and the messages of Reagle app. You can unplug and plug Gateway to do a power reset. If problems persist, you can reset Gateway to factory default and pair it again.