Reagle smart lock works with iOS and Android smartphones. You can download Reagle app from App Store and Google Play

To get started with Reagle app, please make sure that the Bluetooth on your smartphone is turned on. Create a Reagle account and follow the instructions to add your Reagle lock after tapping "+" in the menu of the app.


  • For Android users, the location data permission is required for Bluetooth connections. 
  • For iOS users, the Home data permission is required during the lock pairing process.

After pairing your lock, you can see the 5 tabs below in the Reagle app: 

[Lock] Lock status. 

You can swipe the lock icon to lock/unlock when you are in the Bluetooth range of the lock. When you are in this page, the App will also sync modifications with the lock automatically. 

[User] Phone guest list. (Lock owner's feature)

Tap the "+" and follow the UI instructions to share the access to other phones. Note that other phone users need to install the Reagle app to accept your key.

[Code] Code and ReagleCode lists. (Lock owner's feature) 

Tap the "+" and follow the UI instructions to create access codes for your guests. 

[Log] Lock's logs. (Lock owner's feature)

You can check lock activities here. 

[Settings] Lock and Gateway information. (Only the lock owner can configure the lock settings.)

Tap the icon at the top-right corner to configure the device.